Primobolan 40 x 25mg/tab – Sterling Knight


Presentation: 40 tablets, each tablet contains 25mg Methenolone acetate. Price/box.

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Primobolan is a well-known drug mainly used in the bodybuilding world. It is prefered because it is an excellent cutting agent and is also one of the rare androgen-based steroids that has mild impact on women and beginners. Another ineteresting fact about this steroid is that it is available in both oral and injectable form.

Although Primobolan does not convert to estrogen, like other DHT-derived steroids, hair loss remains a genuine problem with it. Other common side effects are caused due to its androgenicity characteristic. Aggressiveness, insomnia, increase in sweating and acne formation on face, chest and back are some other problems realted to Primobolan use. However, these ill-effects often disappear when intake of the steroid has been stopped.


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