Tri-Trenoged 10ml – 200 mg / 1 ml


Euro Prime Pharmaceuticals ( EPF ) – Tri-Trenoged 10ml – 200 mg / 1 ml

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Tri trenbolone is a steroid for injection in three trenbolone esters: acetate, hexahydrobenzylcarbonate and enanthate. They are present in equal parts, each 50mg. It is a steroid similar to the parabola. The acetate ester has a short action while enanthate and hexahydrobenzylcarbonate have a longer action. It can replace the parabola only because it needs to be injected more often as well as acetate acetate which can be uncomfortable. Tri trenbolone is used by athletes both for defining and increasing muscle mass as well as strength. Sportsmen appreciate this product for the relatively quick mass gains without the addition of fat or water retention. It has more pronounced side effects than testosterone. In post-cycle therapy both clomid and pregnyl will be used. It is very effective in combination with other steroids for increasing muscle mass and strength. It can be combined with testosterone or danabol. For definition it is combined with testosterone propionate, winstrol and turanabol. It is given between 300mg and 600mg per week, for 8 weeks.


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