Strombaject Aqua – Winstrol injectible steroid 10 ml


Product: Strombaject Aqua; Manufacture: Balkan Pharma; Pack: 1vial/10 ml; Steroid cycle: cutting; Active substance: Stanozolol.

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Strombaject Aqua is a modern steroid SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals SRL. It could be called an analog Winstrol since injectable stanozolol is also based on an aqueous solution. This is an excellent choice for muscle growth of high quality. The drug promotes muscle growth, which does not retain water and does not cause an increase in body fat, but on the other hand, has a fat burning and the deduction of the action of excess water. Strombaject Aqua in the Balkans is also valuable for its ability to increase the basic physical performance of the athlete. Improves the characteristics of power, increases the strength and performance, therefore, is relevant not only in bodybuilding and power disciplines, but also in the athletic sports. Properties To describe the effect of Strombaject Aqua, it is necessary to take into account that the drug is a strong anabolic with minimal androgenic activity (despite this, the side effects of virilization or masculinization in the application is likely, especially in the predisposition and abuse). The steroid has a high bioavailability and stability, however, the period of its activity after the injection is not the longest. the half-life of the substance since the application is approximately 8 hours. We will observation: Strombaject Aqua (50 mg) on the basis of a substance stanozolol. An anabolic steroid is and was released at the beginning of the second half of the last century. Initially, “stanzas” (well known slang name) produce only for medical and veterinary use less frequently, however, due to its anabolic properties and burning fat quickly spread to sports. Until today, this steroid has a long history of use as a drug sport and its importance is not lost. What results is it doable using Strombaject Aqua? The drug is often used for drying, since it promotes the burning of fat and the Elimination of excess fluid, as well as for muscular growth of high quality. During its course of improvement can be observed, is increase the rigidity of muscles and relief, increase endurance, performance and energy performance.


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